Chi Varnado has authored two books, both of which are based on her experiences living on her sprawling ranch in Ramona, CA.

A Canyon Trilogy

The October 2003 Southern California wildfires destroyed nearly eight hundred thousand acres, 3,657 homes, and killed twenty-two people. In San Diego County, the Cedar Fire ravaged vast areas becoming the largest fire on the record in state history. Out of this federal disaster Chi Varnado and her family escaped with their lives from their canyon nestled in San Diego’s back country. She worked as owner-builder on a log cabin and was among the minority who managed to rebuild in a little over a year. She writes first-hand what life is like in a year of loss: first her mother and then their home in the canyon.

Chi’s most recent book The Tale of Broken Tail

THE TALE OF BROKEN TAIL  A true story of how Gramaset and her granddaughter, Kali, rescued three baby squirrels and raised them until they were ready to live on their own.