My name is Chi and I write books

First, Here's A Little Information About Me

In addition to being a contributing writer for THE SAN DIEGO READERĀ I am also the Artistic Director of The Dance Centre of Ramona. I have BA in dance from San Diego State University, as well as a secondary teaching credential in dance and a multiple subjects credential. My studio is well established in the community, having reached thousands of students over the past three decades.

I lead what many would consider to be an eclectic life-style. My house sits in a rural canyon nestled in Ramona’s backcountry which has been the home of five generations of my family. Our property is replete with a menagerie of farm animals including goats for milk and cheese, chickens for eggs, horses for my volunteer ranger duties, and some dogs and cats for good measure. Our vegetable gardens and fruit trees supplement their mostly homemade meals.